Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why the Boogie?

The title of my blog is 'Yes Sir I can Boogie' but why the Boogie?

For Boogie read Twitter or Flickr or screenr or anything else out there. The point is I can do that or I can probably work it out, BUT want I want, and what I want to share, are practical ideas of using that Boogie thing in teaching and learning. I want them quick and I want them simple and I want to share them inside my institution and beyond.

So if you are out there and you've got those ideas then please bung them this way. Maybe there's another ALT-C paper or workshop in this somewhere? Hmmmmmm

Follow me, follow you

If this is going to be anywhere near a success then I need you to help. I need people to follow me and I want people to follow. I need examples of how you have used any of the technologies in your own teaching and learning and I need links to all sorts of resources and tools and sources of information

Nothing Ventured ....

Here I am at ALT-C (the learning technology conference) in Manchester, again inspired and provoked into taking back something useful. It seems like the perennial problem at each annual conference is how to encourage, motivate and enable more of the teaching staff to use the technology in their teaching and learning. In some ways it doesn't matter what the technology is because we are still always left with a substantial number of staff who we need to reach and who we want to get on board. One of the provocative sessions at the conference was 'The VLE is Dead' and there are a number of proponents who would want us instead to use the Web 2.0 tools with our learners. I'm not going to do that at our college. We have an increasing number of staff taking on the use of Moodle and there's no way we are going to throw that away.

... But there's always something else they can do, whether that's to use Moodle tools they have not used before or to use any of the web tools that are out there.

... But there's so much and all the staff are at different stages both in their capabilities and in their desire, so how can this be communicated?

Well I'm hoping that I can use this blog and other tools (e.g. Twitter) to keep up a steady stream of advice, information, examples of practice, suggestions, ideas, etc and that I can encourage the teaching staff to make use of.

... But can I keep it up? ('it' being the steady stream and up referring to my ability to sustain this in the light of my inability to maintain anything for any length of time).

Well we shall see